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We have an unwavering commitment to the local flower industry.   Every flower from our farm has been carefully planned from seed to bouquet.  We grow all our flowers without using chemicals.   Local flowers are not only the most eco-conscious option, they are also the most beautiful and special choice.  

There are so many ecological benefits when you choose our local flowers.   They are not treated with chemicals and pesticides that are commonly used on imported flowers.   They will not travel thousands of miles by air and truck -  resulting in a significant carbon footprint.   There is no floral packaging or flowers that are damaged from shipping and then become waste when you choose local over imported.

The seasonality of local flowers can make for a memorable occasion as each year when those flowers bloom you are reminded of your special day.   They are the most fresh.  We usually cut our flowers a day or two before your wedding.  They are more vibrant and fragrant.  They also last longer than conventional imported flowers.

Local flowers are AWESOME!